An event for entrepreneurs, product creators, speakers, authors and coaches! Get ready to light a fire in your business & ignite your profits!

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April 12-14, 2018

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April 12
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April 13 & 14
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April 13 & 14

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The Westin Atlanta Airport
4736 Best Road
Atlanta, GA 30337
Phone:(404) 762-7676
From $129 per night with free shuttle to and from Int’l airport.

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Our Host & Event Producer

Spark & Hustle is hosted by Aprille Franks-Hunt, President & Master Business Coach of Coach, Speak & Serve™ also the producer of the EPIC Conference.

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  • Your efforts to grow your business weren’t in vain

  • You knew the exact strategies to create a business that serve a purpose and profits at the same time

  • You knew how to pitch yourself to the media, prospective clients and potential partners – and close them

  • You had the game plan to build & ignite a team to help you scale your business

  • You knew how to leverage social media to skyrocket your audience to a point of (nearly) turning business away


Growing a profitable brand is within your reach but first you must shift your thinking and forget most of what you thought you knew about entrepreneurship. If you’re honest, most of what you’re doing isn’t working and you’ve lost your spark! You are sitting there beyond ready for a massive profit increase in your business. If you’re anything like Aprille & Tory, you are passionate about helping others AND you have to make money for this to continue to make sense!

You want answers to your questions, strategies that will work for your business and a game plan to execute. There’s an element of hustle that’s necessary for you to magnify your presence, perfect your pitch, and fire up your profits. This doesn’t mean you have to run yourself into the ground – this means you need strategic objectives, solid action steps and benchmarks to measure your success. 

Spark and Hustle can help you get there!

Spark & Hustle will host hundreds of exhilarating, entrepreneurs, product creators, speakers, authors and coaches looking to light a fire in their business and ignite their profits! This is the perfect opportunity to learn from industry leaders and hear Spark & Hustle Alum success stories. 


No fluff. Google-free strategies. Implementable action steps. Connections.

Spark & Hustle is a 2-day (April 13 & 14) conference featuring main stage speakers and experts. In addition, you’ll have breakouts (labs) specific to topics relevant to areas you need to grow your brand.  

You will have fun, you will be motivated, and you’ll party BUT that’s not the focus, that’s the sugar on top. Aprille’s focus is bringing back an event that fulfills the mission of it’s core principles created by Tory Johnson – that’s means we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting to work! 


Intense. High-level. Interactive. Exclusive. 

In a nutshell, the VIP Mastermind Day (April 12) is for high-achievers looking to gain a competitive advantage over THEIR previous year results. An entire day before Spark & Hustle begins, attendees of the mastermind will learn from Aprille, Tory and several of their influential friends, trainers and coaches on higher level content not covered during the conference (April 13 & 14). 

This entire day is about YOU becoming better, smarter and more strategic in your business by learning to master:

  • How to get brand buy-in from your audience 

  • Your Glory Story: your unique difference and how to articulate it

  • Revenue forecasting (profit goals!!!) 

  • Perfecting Your Media Pitch: How to pitch, to who and when 

  • How to book your own media coverage

  • Leveraging Livestream like a pro to dominate your competition 

  • The best ways to leverage media coverage once (not if) you land it

As a Mastermind Day attendee, you’ll have access to all three days of Spark & Hustle, lunch for all days, a HustlePro Workbook and other swag to enhance your weekend experience.

Once you purchase your Mastermind Day ticket, you’ll receive a questionnaire to assist our team in making sure your VIP MASTERMIND DAY is exactly what you need to power up your business, addressing your specific challenges and barriers head on.

Don’t miss out on this amazing advantage!


Spark your iconic legacy in…

Some of the topics you’ll learn during Spark & Hustle

Sharpen your Entrepreneur Tools

Being an entrepreneur is tough. 90% of entrepreneurs fail and fail miserably. This is your time to ASK questions – don’t be shy – and get advice from high-level entrepreneurs who have made that elite 10% cut. Learn and get inspired by what it takes to be a successful & fulfilled entrepreneur, from ones who have fallen, risen and made a name for themselves in a competitive market.

With Branding Comes Great Responsibility

Branding is not just logos and colors and you know know that. When it comes to creating a name for yourself and leaving your legacy, there are no shortcuts. With the purposefully designed branding strategy, your business can go from a $2,000 a month business to a $20,000 a month business. Understand how you can leverage the power of branding to leverage your products or services and get the media exposure to take your business to the true “new to you” level.

Defying “build it and they will come”

Following the herd is tough. Becoming an influencer of your business is guaranteed to place you in a position of higher authority within your industry. You define the market instead of attempting to penetrate it. You are the one they turn to, you are the expert, and you speak with authority. You create a niche need instead of serving one. Learn the art of influence and become and epic hustling influencer.

Own the Pitch, Get the Sale

When you have a solid pitch, your sales and reach are limitless. We’ve heard the excuses about how hard it is to pitch, how difficult it is to speak up and toot your own horn and during this session, those excuses are torchedd. Learn how to outplay the competition, create a solid pitch to attract your people, and close the deal. Period.

Media is your Business Bestie

It’s no lie we live in a digital age now. If your business is not propagating itself on social channels, with local and national media or using the media resources to get you seen — you are cutting yourself off at the knees when it comes to increased exposure + more clients + increased revenue and much much more. Learn how incredibly easy it is to use a media marketing strategy to fan the flames of your audience.

Live Stream is the New Selfie

Can your business benefit from live streaming? YES! Live streaming is the latest in cutting edge technique in social media marketing to get in front of more people daily. Think of live stream as doing a Ted Talk every day. Learn how live streaming of how to videos, tutorials or demos are capturing audience’s attention, giving your business unheralded exposure that simply can’t be matched by your competition.

Let’s Talk Money!

Absolutely nothing counts in your business if your bottom line is in the red. Learn how to turn a profits consistently, how positive cash flow will take your business up a notch & allow your business to grow. No matter where you are in your business, you always have the opportunity to increase your revenue. Uncover profit gaps and plug them with actionable profit strategies to keep the cash flow fire going.


VIP Mastermind Day
1,298.00 USD

April 12, 13 & 14


High-level intense learning

Exclusively for 50 Entrepreneurs

HustlePro Workbook

Become the ultimate Pitch & Profit Master with your Mastermind Teachers

Access to 2 Day Spark & Hustle Conference

Early & Preferred Seating

Private luncheon all 3 days

Spark & Hustle Tote bag

Bonus Evening Ask The Expert Session

Access to all main break out sessions and general session speakers


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VIP Trailblazer
598.00 USD

April 13 & 14  

Spark & Hustle Blazer Admission PLUS:

Early & Preferred Seating

Private luncheon both days

Spark & Hustle Tote bag

Bonus Evening Ask The Expert Session

Access to all main break out sessions and general session speakers


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398.00 USD

April 13 & 14

General Admission

Lunch on your own

Access to all break out sessions and general session speakers



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A note from the Founder, Tory Johnson

Several months ago, I got an out-of-the-blue email from Spark & Hustle alum Aprille Franks-Hunt, a business coach in Oklahoma. It was short and direct: “Hey! I wanna take over Spark & Hustle. Can we talk?” 

Aprille wasn’t sure if I had interest or how she’d make it happen, yet she went for it. 

That’s what I love about her.  I, too, am good at identifying exactly what I want, even if I don’t think I possess the skills, experience, know-how or contacts to make it happen. If I can visualize it, I can figure out how to make it a reality.  The same is true for you.   

Every one of us can evolve. (Forget “reinvent.” I’ve discovered that’s a crazy myth.)  We don’t have to stay stuck.  We don’t have to remain in the same old.  We can shift.  We can evolve.   

What I do now on TV — and how it impacts thousands of businesses that I promote — is entirely different from how I spent the bulk of my time supporting business growth three years ago.  My focus now wasn’t part of some grand long-term plan, yet it’s where I’m succeeding greater than ever before.  I’m happier, more fulfilled and better compensated than any other time in my career.  That’s a genuine statement I want every woman (and man!) to be able to make.  

How’d I do it?  By staying curious, refusing to cave to rejection, spotting opportunities, and knowing how to hustle to make stuff happen.  The hustle remains key.  I love life so much and I want to squeeze every joy and opportunity out of my short time on this great earth. I’m grateful for today.  I’m excited for tomorrow.  I don’t want this joy to stop.  

In all of this time, I’ve missed Spark & Hustle and the community we created.   So in 2018, Aprille is taking the reigns to bring you the next evolution of Spark & Hustle.   It’s her clear vision for what’s needed now and next. I’ll support her.  I’ll be there.  

Aprille is phenomenal.  Spark & Hustlers will be well-served with her as the new leader.  I hope you’ll join us in Atlanta with a singular goal of giving you the guidance to get what you want.   I’m excited to hug old friends and meet new ones. 



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Got a burning question? It may be answered already below!

When should I book my room?

ASAP! Our suggestion is to book your room as soon as possible, at registration for event is the best time to ensure you get in on the event hotel room blocks at the discounted rate.

Once all the rooms in our block are booked, the conference discount will not be applied to any room other room bookings at the designated hotel.

Which is the closet airport to the hotel?

The Westin Atlanta Airport is located just 2 miles from the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Free shuttle services is provided to and from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Please contact the hotel directly to arrange this.

What is the dress code during the event?

Dress code for training is business casual. chic! Please bring a sweater or jacket for conference event rooms can be a little chilly.

What should I bring with me for training?

Our suggestion is notepad and pen. Some bring their laptop to take notes. There is limited electrical plug in for charging.

Is there childcare options available?

No. Spark & Hustle is your time to be laser focus and present during training to assist your with growing your business. While your family is welcome to join you during your travel. The conference itself does not provide any type of accommodations for family members.

What if I purchase a ticket then have an emergency and am unable to attend the conference?

Tickets are non-refundable but transferable to other events or products and services.

Will Spark & Hustle be livestreamed?

There is no plan to livestream at this time. We want you in the room.

Who do I contact for accessibility or accommodation requests?

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations please contact Melissa at or (800) 930-1895. Please note that two weeks advance notice will allow us to accommodate your request.

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Conference Venue

The Westin Atlanta Airport
4736 Best Road Atlanta, GA 30337


#epiccon17 one of the best things about being at Mastery and Epic is being face to face with the people you’ve connected with online and greeting them with a real hug.

Jennifer Fontanilla

I am epically exhausted…but in a commanding way. I am ICE…inspired to take that power leap; committed to being teachable; executable to execute. Let’s go! ITS MY TIME! Working on my theme song. Letting go of the ego, selfishness, and stubbornness.

CB Wallace

It is truly an energizing, supportive, informative, & loving space.

Veronica Michelle Richardson

I didn’t know what I needed until I got to #EpicCon17. #epicrevelation

L Tomay Douglas

#epiccon17 I attended the Epic Conference not knowing what to expect but being in this community, I knew the content would be great. The conference, the content, the service of the Ambassadors, the giving spirit of the speakers, and the genuineness of everyone involved was beyond my greatest expectation! From the mastery day until the last day, you felt Aprille’s desire for ALL of us to succeed. Thank you Aprille and I will see you at Spark and Hustle 2018!

Yolanda Mitchell Williams

#epiccon17 in Dallas was AMAZING!!!

Roberto Candelaria